04 février 2012

The author the common eye drops

Moreover the antiseptic long-term accumulation the damage which produces to the cornea has the possibility to cause the eye to be getting more and more easy discount sunglasses dry, therefore has the dependence. An eye drops drop how many drop? An eye drops drop how many drop? Human's saccus conjunctivalis general capacity is 10-20 rises slightly, a drop of liquid medicines' capacity is at least 30 rises slightly, therefore a drop completely enough, the drop many first was wastes, next certain medicine ingredient eye drops, if did not hold down the saccus lacrimalis, on the class to the nasal cavity or will be the oral cavity, caused the strange taste even whole body side effect. The author the common eye drops/washes in Wen Houhuan the present market condition in the analysis which the eye fluid the ingredient carries on, 11 did not describe in this. Most importantly do not certainly can use frequently includes the antiseptic eye drops, such will let your eye be getting more and more dry, the certainly suitable rest, do not need to use the eye excessively is also everybody needs to pay attention. In Chinese ten big drop eye fluid bulletin board announcement/ten big eye drops brands: In the Chinese ten big drop eye fluid bulletin board announcement 1 Xinle sincere eye drops US and Japan pool capital graceful Xiu the thunder sincere Zhongshan pharmaceutical industry Limited company 2 to treasure Ming Diyan fluid well-known brand Jiangxi to treasure the bright pharmaceutical Limited company 3 to glisten drop eye dew well-known brand Jiangxi Renheji group 4 pearl clear vision drop eye fluid To be listed Hangzhou Tanmu mountain pharmaceutical industry Limited liability company 5 Tianshan to regard clear drop eye dew Hong Kong brand Hong Kong to raise spring hall medicine group Limited company 6 Run clean/Run Shu Diyan dew well-known brand Shandong Dr. roentgen lucky Switzerland to reach drugs manufacture Limited company 7 doctor roentgen eye drops world brand Shandong doctor roentgen lucky Switzerland to reach the drugs manufacture Limited company 8 to love the Li hyaluronic acid sodium dropEye fluid Japan Brand Japan Towering Drugs manufacture Joint-stock company 9 muskdeer bead clear vision drop eye fluid well-known brand Fujian muskdeer bead bright eye medicine Limited liability company 10 snow tea Run bead drop eye fluid customer cognition brand Xi'an spreads healthily the biological medicine science and technology Limited company,-----Take Xinle sincere Xinle sincere as the example, analyzes the anti-hyperemia eye drops anti-hyperemia eye drops the secret, the Xinle sincere anti-hyperemia eye drops ingredient following pan-acid radical mellow, moisturizees the L- aspartic acid potassium, the moisturizer, the nutrition Vitamin B nutrition glycyrrhizic acid two potassium, the anti-allergic hydrochloric acid naphthalene cheap sunglasses  zuo lin, the anti-hyperemia medicine maleic acid chlorobenzene that sensitively, anti-allergic medicine methyl sulfuric acid new Si's bright, the weak effect miosis ruddy clean formula is similar.

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