14 février 2012

The eye strain a symptom is regards the thing

The eye strain a symptom is regards the thing discount sunglasses to be slightly long fuzzily, some are even unable to write or reading, the eye does, the dizzy pain astringently, is serious when may present, the vomit disgusting and so on. Moreover, will regard weary also causes the adult to have the nearsightedness or the presbyopia, eye diseases and so on cataract, glaucoma, retina peeling also to follow ahead of time is using the eye excessively.Eye strain self-treatment method:The attention optical fiber, the too dark light causes the eye easy weary, the use can provide the light and shade contrast the gentle light to be good.Every two to three hour long-term usage computer, should put aside the eye the computer ten to 15 minutes, lets the eye rest. Weakens screen's optical fiber, lets screen's brightness reduce, may avoid wearily.Closes one's eyes the rest, is eliminates the eye strain the good method.Plunges in the tea the towel, uses for to spread the eye ten to 15 minutes, may eliminate the eye strain.Rubs the heat generation both hands, covers the eye again, do not oppress both eyes, deep slow breathes, is helpful in eliminates the eye strain.Supplemented reasonably the eye needs nutrient.The eye does astringently is the cybraian eye strain one kind, if you are treating the computer or the books frequently, will use the eye to consume the liver blood excessively. "The Medical Classic of the Yellow Emperor" “five work injuries” has a wound: “immortality wound blood”. Here “the blood”, refers to is the liver blood.In fact, the eye and the liver relation is close. “the liver Tibet blood”, namely the liver has stores the blood and the adjustment volume of blood function, moreover “the liver straightens out in the item”. Both eyes receive blood's provisions to be able to regard the thing, but uses the eye excessively, will cause the liver blood to owe empty, will enable both eyes not to be able to obtain the nutrition supplies, will thus lose face does astringently, looked that the thing will be fuzzy, night blindness and so on.Moreover, long-term for a long time sits with the eye, besides both eyes blood supply insufficiency, the cervical vertebra, the lumbar vertebra will also have the strain, will not always be able to obtain the alleviation, also will create the harm to the liver. In this kind of situation, presents both eyes to be weary, the vision drops, even the facial color is chlorosis, is wholesale sunglasses  dizzy vertigo's symptom, also does not feel strange.

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