14 février 2012

The TEX bronze medal shoes, the mountain

The TEX bronze medal shoes, the mountain boots,tory burch flats  are nearly the quality and the quality symbol, certainly, the price is also astonishing, GORE - the TEX mountain boots selling price is 250 US dollars materials, generally, the domestic price also surpasses 1500 Yuan. GORE - TEX shoes' processing request must Is often strict, first a foot arrives GORE - the TEX membrane processes shoes' shape, then compression, in addition informer, finally, through strict water test. Certainly, is putting on such shoes, you never again the muddy bog and the heavy rain worry. Mountain boots brand shoe sole Is very unique, the different manufacturer, according to theirs research and the design different only pattern, certainly, the overwhelming majority or the large-scale corrugated paper box's shadow, the counter-shoes' smooth performance's enhancement has made the important contributions. The majority modern design air cushion shoes universal cause With, but does not suit the mountain boots by the special sponge foam texture, what reduces shakes the foot is insufficient, because of them often?? Will feel that will be more importantly softer than the air Earth's outdoors activist and is safer. Wear compared with the tory burch outlet ossification and the shoe sole are more important. Crawls human who climbs mountains Knew that the mountain climbing or a very long road must be in luck, the shoe sole is too soft, if the calf will often cause wearily, moreover also for the gravel or on small rock cover's mountain road's prominence, shoe sole's rigidity and degree of hardness may display the key the protection. Italian Vibram rubber sole material

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