04 février 2012

Most temperate, has avoided the antiseptic

Most temperate, has avoided the antiseptic oakley flak jacket xlj polarized to the epithelia corneal damage, especially suits in the human who completing lasik, moreover wears the cryptotype time may use. But occasionally will burst into tears, will itch, the hyperemic conjunctiva outbreak and the season concerned person, may suitably with some anti-hyperemia and the alleviation allergy formula product, when necessary need under the instruction to use the hormone class eye drops or the antibiotic eye drops in doctor, but will not suit the long-term use, the continual application time will not surpass for two weeks. The eye drops question eye drops may drop daily? Will have the dependence? The daily nursing product thought originally is may use every day three to six times does not have the influence, but afterward gradually discovered uses frequently the antiseptic for example benzene grips the bromo-amine class, Nepal anchors the metals antiseptic possibly to have the damage to the epithelia corneal, therefore the use includes these antiseptic product, theoretically should better not use daily, particularly is quite sensitive, the inflammation restores restores with the ophthalmology department surgery, the best choice does not have the antiseptic or contains the new temperate antiseptic product. Produces the dependent eye drops, by anti-hyperemia class, in the commonly used anti-red capillary eye drops zuo lin the kind of ingredient for instance naphthalene armor zuo oakley flak jacket xlj  lin is one kind of vasoconstriction medicinal preparation, the long-term long-term usage has the possibility to have the diastole result should, i.e. has used several weeks later just when the drop the blood vessel can contract, but how long blood vessel has met the diastole moreover to have the possibility to be thicker than the original blood vessel, can not but use one time.

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