04 février 2012

The tinted leather shoes must pay attention antifouling

Must except the instep dirt, spread the shoe polish frequently, avoids as far as possible with the water meet, prevents in the depositing process the long tory burch boots mildew. Must let the leather shoes have certain gap rest. The leather shoes and the human are the same, also needs to rest. Should better have several pair of leather shoes to take turns to wear, enables the leather shoes to have certain gap relaxation time, like this will cause it little to receive damages, is advantageous in the distortion leather shoes restores the original condition. The tinted leather shoes must pay attention antifouling. Because of tinted leather shoes, once the sully, very difficult to make it to restore to the original color. After nursing the high-quality leather shoes the correct method to use the first soft cloth or the shoe brush remove on leather shoes' dust and dirt, then matches by the homochromy shoes paste or shoe polish cleaning, cannot use contains the corrosive cleanser. It is not suitable wears the identical pair leather shoes for a long time, regardless of how you do like it, you must give it the suitable time rest. Because hundred roentgen series high-quality leather shoes use the natural skin material completely, has the similar special characteristic with the skin, after therefore the leather shoes pass through 2 3rd, replaces, let the loose bulge surface textile fiber retraction return to original state, stretches the crease, volatilized in the shoes the moisture. If the leather shoes accidentally receive the water to soak, should place the leather shoes ventilates coolly place dries in the shade, cuts may not under the sunlight the insolation, may not dry out or under the force electric drier pulls out does, is curled upwards the distortion the leather shoes tune and the surface appears ruptures. Does not put on temporarily the leather shoes should first right amount, and the soft balled paper fills in the shoes, in order to avoid leather shoes distortion. Loads in again the shoes bag or the shoe box places ventilates place the preservation dry, should better put a moisture-proof bead again, in order to avoid putrefies and presents the wrinkle under the moist environment. Will avoid with the acidity, the alkalinity chemical creating the injure severely to the cerebral cortex. So long as you grasp the above main point, decides can make your hundred roentgen high-quality leather shoes life to multiply tory burch outlet , calendar long like new, causes you to put on is more fully confident, the charm is full! How to appraise the leather shoes quality?

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